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Jenn Jimenez @ Clarity
tel: 517-243-6865


US Radio 

Steve Theo @ Pirate!
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Jeff - Vocals/Guitar/Piano
R.V. - Lead Guitar/Synth
Adam - Drums
The Count - Bass


Dirty Passionate Daydreaming marks the third full-length release from Los Angeles indie band The Ivy Walls following the well-received 2009 record The Elegant Universe. With a subtle blend of new wave, shoegaze, and post punk influences, Dirty Passionate Daydreaming not only charts dreamy pop territory but also has some heavier moments with a pop sensibility.

L.A.-based musicians Jeff Yanero (guitar/vocals), Adam Waldon (drums), and The Count (Bass) came together to form The Ivy Walls in 2007.

The band released and recorded their debut album Lovers in Hotels in 2008 and after a string of television placements including the hit show "Royal Pains" and a low budget video featuring ANTM's Joanie Dodds, they returned to the studio once again.

In 2010, they released The Elegant Universe while again finding success in film and television placements. The video for the first single from the album, "Getaway Driver," also garnered regular play on MTV while the song itself was featured in the movie "Deadheads".

In 2011, The Ivy Walls recorded Dirty Passionate Daydreaming at the famed Henson Studios in Los Angeles. According to the band, they used some of their earliest material on the record, which was written when the band was just a seedling.

In Jan 2012, Dirty Passionate Daydreaming hit the airwaves and in Feb. 2012 the album's video for single "All I Want" which stars Chris Pine (Star Trek, Unstoppable, This Means War) and Robert Baker (Leatherheads, Grey's Anatomy), premiered on MTV and can be seen on outlets worldwide.


Pheremones 2017
Dirty Passionate Daydreaming Jan. 2012
American Velvet: A Tribute To The Velvet Underground Apr. 2010
The Elegant Universe Jan. 2009
Lovers In Hotels Mar. 2007

They’re named after a particularly cinematic image - The Ivy Walls, an evocative handle that suggests separation, beauty, higher education, and the union between the natural and the artificial. The music has a film-like quality too; it’s dreamy, lush, and as romantic as a Hollywood score. The Ivy Walls call their sophomore album The Elegant Universe, and it’s an apt title: this is the sort of set that invites listeners to lose themselves in waves of glorious sound. The band has been likened to other adventurous sonic landscapers: Simple Minds, Echo & the Bunnymen, and The Stone Roses. These comparisons certainly aren’t misleading, but The Ivy Walls have developed a musical and visual aesthetic all their own.

Unsurprisingly, their music has drawn attention from filmmakers and television programmers. The spirited Faster Faster, the kickoff cut from the debut album Lovers in Hotels, scored a recent episode of USA Network’s hit comedy series Royal Pains. Halloween, another Ivy Walls favorite, was featured on The Real World Hollywood; The Real World Sydney aired the Lovers in Hotels title track. The Elegant Universe promises to please Hollywood just as bit as much - every one of it’s twelve tracks feels like the perfect accompaniment for a dramatic scene. But make no mistake - The Ivy Walls is no studio-only act. They’ve become one of the most popular live attractions in the Los Angeles underground, and they’ve made a major contribution to the city’s pop resurgence.
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